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For magic shows in the San Francisco Bay Area, Paul can provide lights, sound, and full AV support. Card tricks projected onto the big screen bring your guests right into the action. Great sound means that your guests will hear all the jokes, which is important since Paul is the funniest magician in the world. And great lighting will ensure that your guests can see the magic.

San Francisco's best magician provides lights for your next eventGood lighting is essential to the success of any presentation. Without lights, no one will be able to see the magic. Paul needs enough light to create a nice, even wash across the stage. More complicated lighting is always great and will add to the production value of the show, but the basic need is for a general wash on the stage so Paul can be seen.

San Francisco's best magician provides sound for your next eventIf lights are important, sound is doubly so. What's the point of getting the funniest magician in the world if you can't understand a word he says? Paul needs a sound system that is appropriate for the room. The system needs two inputs, one XLR for his mike (Paul supplies a wireless headset or lavaliere microphone), and one for an ipod or computer.
San Francisco's best magician provides video for your next eventFor Paul's multi-media show, Paul provides a small, high-contrast video projector. Running at about 2400 lumens, this compact unit is bright enough for virtually any indoor situation. This unit is included in the price of many of Paul's shows.
Many banquet halls have access to A/V equipment and will be glad to rent you a package that will suffice. You may have already made arrangements for sound, lights, or both...if not, Paul offers a simple inexpensive solution suitable for most situations:
For $500 Paul provides:
• two light-trees with enough lights to create a general wash on stage
• a sound system appropriate for up to 500 people
• a tech to set up and run the system during the show

• in addition to this basic package, we can add any number of audio/visual effects, from more elaborate light/sound packages to confetti canisters--for very reasonable rates
Paul's A/V technical requirements:
• the stage should be no less than six feet deep by eight feet wide
• the stage should be no less than eighteen inches high for small shows and no less than three feet high for shows of five hundred people or more
• at least two sets of steps should be in place, one on either side and one on the front of the stage (preferably center or left of center)
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