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Comedy Magic at Festivals

From the Hong Kong Fringe Festival, to the England 's Glastonbury festival (the biggest festival in the world), Spain 's Semina Negra (the coolest festival in the world), to the Decatur Celebration (The nicest festival in the world) these are just a few that Paul has performed at worldwide.



Paul Nathan Magic

Paul is the perfect festival performer! High energy, funny, and engaging, Paul brings an element of fun and frivolity to the stage while keeping things moving and keeping your audience laughing. Whether as a self-contained act or with his menagerie Paul brings a sense of playfulness to the stage. He is also an amazing emcee for any event but particularly for festivals where an emcee may need to fill time while another act is getting ready or while stage hands prepare the stage for what is next.

Paul has three shows available for festivals.

The I Hate Children Children's Show

The I Hate Children Children's Show is the best children's show for festivals. It's fun, funny, action packed, and exciting. It's fun for kids and engaging for adults. Think Rossanne Barr meets W.C. Fields doing magic.



International Festival Show

Paul's European touring show with special guest Cherry Bomb! This show includes all the excitement of Paul's regular show with the added excitement of the world's greatest fire performer the lovely and talented Ms. Cherry Bomb! This show adds dancing, danger, and fire to Paul's comedy show. It has more visual elements making it more appealing to international audiences who may not speak English or audiences from diverese locations who may not even speak a single unified language. 20 minutes of this show is performed to music without speaking while the rest is performed in English with some Spanish, French, German, or Japanese (other languages available with notice).


Dark Kabaret

Paul brings a cavalcade of talented artists together to perform on stage. Artists from Cirque du Soliel, opera singers, acrobats, and variety performers of all kinds create this unique experience.


For theater festivals we recommend these show


Devil in the Deck

Paul's critically acclaimed show. This is a truly theatrical event with Paul's renowned sleight-of-hand card techniques. This story takes place in the Deep South with showman quality magic and a tale about love.
"The Card Tricks alone are worth the ticket price." Rob Herwitt, SF Chronicle.


Magic Prince

Truly a "theatrical masterpiece"-Jeff Jolsen, Hollywood Reporter
Perfect for theater lovers of all ages, this is a classic fairy tale inspired by the story of the sorcerer's apprentice. Paul is the magic prince struggling to free himself from a wicked spell- cast as punishment for his own rebellious curiosity. The prince uses all his most spectacular, whimsical, and dramatic magic- but in the end learns that love is the greatest magic of all. Can be performed solo, duet, or ensemble.

Edinburhg Festival Fringe best children's Show is the I Hate Children Children's Show


An Hour of Magic

Magic, music, and Comedy this show is hilarious. This show features an hour of action packed magic, music, and high energy comedy including a short narrative of the Magic Prince.






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I Hate Children Children's Show - Come enjoy the best Kids show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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Alt Text: The I Hate Children Children's Show - One of the best children's shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Title text: One of Edinburgh's best kids shows

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Alt Text: Devil in the Deck - One of the best magic shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Title text: One of Edinburgh's best kids shows

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