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' Paul Nathan is San Francisco's best trade show magician

Magic at your trade show booth increases traffic and visibility.

Custom scripts get your message out in a meaningful, entertaining, and memorable presentation. Boost your lead count and qualify your leads on the spot.

It's not about the magic, it's about effectively delivering your message. Studies show that people forget over 90% of what they see and hear within 24 hours, but if you can make people laugh they retain 15 to 20% more information. If you can get them involved the numbers go up even higher. Paul's shows are memorable, which means people remember you, your product, and your message.

Here is a short video showing Paul talking about an embedded processor which does video encoding. Notice how the message is integrated into the trick.

Custom Scripts

Your product, message, or idea becomes a fast-paced, funny custom presentation guaranteed to make an impression. Ideal for increasing traffic at trade shows booths, as well as dramatically increasing your lead count. Paul can even pre-quilify your leads on the spot. Plus the magic is fun. That's why successful companies in a wide variety of sectors use Paul over and over.


Multimedia Show

Using the latest in multimedia magic, Paul incorporates live video into his illusions; TV becomes reality and card tricks become multi-media live-action "card toons". Your company's logo on a giant screen is pulled off into reality! Your company's president becomes the magician when he walks from the screen onto the stage! Your company's product or message is fully integrated into the presentation! Great for almost any event, but particularly well suited for trade shows, product introductions, and seminars where a lot of information needs to be disseminated in a fast, fun, memorable way. Custom scripting, video, and graphics available.


Expert Trade Show Presenter

Years of experience doing street magic in San Francisco and at festivals around the globe has given Paul a powerful knack for drawing consistently large crowds and keeping them, as if by magic. So more people hear your message and more people remember your message. A custom script is written using your product, message, or idea, and integrated into a fast-paced, funny custom presentation.


Product Integration

Your product is the central figure in a high-energy, dynamic comedy magic show. Paul juggles with the product, produces it from a video screen, or creates custom magic illusions that place your product in the spotlight.


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